Shangnyu Village and the monument built by Angels

Have you ever seen a monument or structure built by heavenly angels? Shangnyu village in Nagaland is the right place to watch the 8 feet high and 12 feet broad wooden monument which is believed by the locals to be built by angels. Shangnyu is a prominent village in the Mon district ruled by the chief Angh. Many humans and different animals are carved in the huge wooden monument. There is also a huge memorial stone in front of the Angh palace. The culture and tradition of the Shangnyu and Mon villages are worth an experience. The tattooed tribal people in these villages are very friendly and helpful.

Dimapur is the nearest airport; the city also has a railway station linked to Guwahati. There are several hotels and resorts in Dimapur for tourists and culture enthusiasts to stay and experience Nagaland.


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